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Maximized Visability

“Tracy is a no-nonsense coach who comes to meetings prepared, ready to cut straight to how much progress has been made since our last meeting and what should be done next to grow your audience and influence on your community. She knows how to reach new audiences, maximize your visibility, and truly connect with people in an authentic, fun and non-sleazy way."    CEO and Founder CEO and FounderCEO and Founder   Founder Founder Founder  Founder  

Shannon Gaither-CEO/Founder Shannon Gaither Creative

Increased Sales

¬†‚ÄúI was feeling a little frantic and unfocused, with a long to-do list. Tracy was incredibly good at distilling all the info I download, and systematically helping me evaluate and prioritize. During my most recent course launch, she encouraged me to send one last email to my entire list, gave me some concrete ideas of what to include, and that resulted in an additional 30% of sales!‚Ä̬†

Susan Smith - CEO and Founder of Stitched By Susan Susan Smith - CEO and Founder of 

Susan Smith - CEO/Founder of Stitched By Susan

Increased Visibility 

‚ÄúYour coaching process helped me break down the overwhelm into actionable steps that have gotten me results. I have more clients as a result of my increased visibility. I have the confidence in knowing the direction of my practice, its consistent growth, and doing the right things for my growth.‚Ä̬†

Alisa B - CEO and Founder Alisa B - CEO and Founder  Alisa B - CEO and Founder Alisa B Alisa B --A lAliAlisa B --A lAli--A lAli--A lAli--A lAliAlisa B - CEO 

Alisa B - CEO/Founder of Live Your Best 365

Clarity and Growth

‚ÄúTracy helped me connect the dots between social media and growing our email list. She showed me how small tweaks in the language we use in communications can drastically change the impact of our messaging. The biggest transformation has been in the clarity I now have in how all roads need to lead to email list growth. I now understand what it is our audience needs from us. Tracy is clear, to the point and makes¬†everything feel and become doable!‚Ä̬†

Tracey Goodwin - CEO/Founder of Navigating ADHD

Significant List Growth

‚ÄúMy email list has grown significantly. I launched my membership which has given me recurring revenue. Tracy spurred me to have a sale of one of my classes and I added 150 new people to my email list!‚Ä̬†

Lisa H. Calle - CEO and Founder of Quilter’s Groove Lisa H. Calle - CEO and Founder of 

Lisa H. Calle - CEO/Founder of Quilter’s Groove

Clear Strategies

‚ÄúMy growth cannot be explained in objective terms. My growth came from understanding and being able to implement clear, purposeful and productive marketing strategies. I went from ‚Äúno marketing plan‚ÄĚ to marketing with a clear, planned and purposeful approach.‚Ä̬†

Marianne Crooch - CEO and Founder of NSpired Living

Marianne Crooch - CEO/Founder of NSpired Living

Specific & Practical

 “Your information is practical and specific Others promise their courses will provide specific, actionable steps, but honestly, they don’t. They don’t talk about the HOW to the same degree that you do. This is so incredibly invaluable! 

Michele Dillinger - Online Educator Michele Dillinger - Online Educator Michele of 

 Michele Dillinger - Online Educator

Motivated Results

"I was overworking and feeling burned out and unmotivated. And now, I am more productive and motivated as a result of working with Tracy! Tracy was good at isolating obstacles and helping me work through them."   

Elizabeth Hanson -CEO/Founder of The Smart  Elizabeth Hanson -CEO/Founder of The Smartof 

Elizabeth Hanson - CEO/Founder Smart Homeschooler Academy

Helpful Guidance

I feel really good about the work we’ve done planning my upcoming workshop and the launch of my first course. I didn’t realize how much support I would need through this process and it’s been so helpful to have your guidance and encouragement. You are absolutely the best teacher, guide, and cheerleader. Not to mention the fact that you now feel like a fun friend 
who I get to hang with every couple of weeks!   

Karen Viesta Health and Life Coach for Women over 40

Karen Viesta - CEO/Founder of Wellegant Woman Coaching

Focused & On Track 

"The result I saw from working with Tracy is a streamlined business that not only creates comfort for our current clients, but one that also creates opportunities for new business growth. Tracy was very successful in keeping me focused and on track on the tasks at hand so that my hurdles could be solved over time in a thoughtful way so that I could achieve my business goals."

Stacy Hamilton, Executive Broker/Owner CBRPM RealtyBroker/Owner OwnerOwnerOwner Owneria 

Stacy Hamilton - Executive Broker/Owner CBRPM Realty 

Scattered to Focused

“Tracy has helped me to go from being scattered in my actions to being focused.  She will help you feel confident, inspired and never alone. I always leave our sessions with a plan that makes my business more successful and makes me feel so much more confident!"

 Marina Ivanovsky,  CEO and Founder of Marina Lifestyle Medicine Marina Ivanovsky,  CEO and Founder of Marina Lifestyle Medicine Marina Marina Marina Marina MarinMarina Mar Marina MarMarina Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarMarMa a Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Ma Mar Marina MarMarMarMaa Mar Marina MarMarM


  Marina Ivanovsky-CEO/Founder of Marina Lifestyle Medicine

Remarkable Experience

"Having Tracy as a business coach is one of the most remarkable experiences I've had. I've learned about many aspects of running a business, and she has helped me expand my horizons. Tracy has impacted my life and business tremendously, from getting my ideas organized, encouraging me to explore new possibilities, and cheering me up when I was frustrated or stuck. She is filled with contagious positivism and great energy and is a fantastic listener.‚Ä̬†¬†Maria Ehrenberg -MariaEhrenberg -Maria-Maria¬†¬†

Maria Ehrenberg - CEO/Founder Remember This Legacy Books

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