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Success Blueprint: How to Ensure Your Students Thrive

Jun 20, 2024


As coaches and entrepreneurs, our goal is to help students and clients achieve their aspirations. Whether it be through online courses, one-on-one sessions, or programs, your offerings should ensure they attain your promised success and transformation, as well as the goals they strive to reach. 

When revamping your offerings or creating new ones, how can you develop programs that genuinely support your customers on their journey?  

Today, let’s explore key factors to consider when designing an offering that helps your students achieve their objectives and more! 



When creating a course or program, it’s important to think about how you can give your students attention beyond just pre-recorded videos. 

In my own programs, I provide deeper attention to my clients by creating multiple communication channels for them to connect with me. I offer one-on-one voice chats during specific times, private Facebook groups, and host live Q&A sessions weekly. These communication channels not only allow me to help my students on their journey but also give me valuable insights into their challenges, common questions, and concerns. This feedback helps me refine and adjust my programs to better suit their needs, ensuring they receive the best possible support and guidance.

Consider connecting with your own students and clients through various platforms like Zoom, Voxer, Slack, Marco Polo, WhatsApp, DM messages, and Facebook groups. By connecting with them through these channels, you’ll be able to provide personalized support and gain a deeper understanding of their needs, greatly enhancing the impact of your programs! 


Clear Expectations 

To ensure your students have the best chance of success in your program, it's crucial to set clear expectations right from the start. Consider providing a welcome video or a "start here" guide that outlines everything they need to know. A detailed course roadmap and clearly defined milestones can be incredibly helpful in guiding them through the journey. By eliminating any potential confusion, you’ll empower your students with the confidence they need to fully engage with the material and achieve their goals. 


Foster a Community 

Fostering a strong community is essential for your courses and programs. Whether you are connecting through live calls or hosting a private student Facebook group, it's important for your students to feel supported and safe to share anything that's going on.  This includes relying on each other. In my own program, we encourage interaction and networking through coffee chats and urge students to provide feedback to one another. Another great way to foster community is by encouraging your clients to find an accountability buddy or group. Consider how you could create a sense of community for your students in your own programs or courses. 


Motivation & Accountability 

In order to reach their goals, students must be both motivated and accountable. When creating a course or program, think about how you can not only encourage your students, but how you can push them to move forward towards the finish line. One way I do this is my program is by helping my clients set deadlines. Whether it be naming their free Facebook group or going live on social media, I help my students stay accountable by cementing a date and time for these key steps in their journey. This method keeps them motivated and accountable, driving them to take action and make steady progress. 



When thinking about your courses or programs, what support will your students need? Perhaps they need instructional videos to guide them through processes, or PDFs that break down complex decisions step-by-step. Maybe they require technical support to utilize tools or platforms effectively. As you discover their needs, create targeted resources and integrate them into your program. Keep in mind that you don’t need to create a vast library of materials; instead, focus on delivering what they require as they need it. Quality support assets help ensure that your students receive relevant and effective support to help them succeed in your programs. 


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