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How you can use follow up techniques to attract more clients after your cart is closed

Mar 18, 2024

For many entrepreneurs, when you close the cart on an online course or program, the cart is closed. Once the cart is closed, many assume they won’t be selling anymore and that their campaign is over. However, what if we told you that you may be leaving millions on the table by quitting once your cart is closed?

Today, let’s explore how follow ups after cart closed can help you reach more clients and maximize profit!

First off, what does cart closed mean?

When we talk about cart closed, we are referring to the process of closing the purchase of your online course or membership to the public. This means that potential customers can no longer sign up for your course or buy your products and services from your online site. Cart closed also marks the end of pre-planned campaigning: your social media promotions have all been sent out and any live events you had planned have been completed.


How can I make more sales even if my cart is closed?

While your cart may be closed, there is still time to reach interested clients. You may feel that all of the clients who are willing to purchase your offerings have already signed up, but that’s not the case! Many potential customers may need more time to think before they decide to commit.

There are many clients out there who are hesitant to sign up or purchase a solution because it may not work for them. They already spent so much time and money on solutions that left them with little results. For these customers to consider your help, they need more information and, most importantly, need to know you care for them unlike past mentors and businesses.

That’s where follow ups come in.


How can follow ups increase conversions?

Follow ups are the process of reaching out to clients who didn’t purchase your offerings. These may be clients who went to your live masterclass but didn’t sign up for your course. They could be clients who clicked on your email links but never committed to checking out their cart. Overall, they are clients who are clearly interested in your products or services, but for one reason or another didn’t buy.

Following up with interested clients can help show them how dedicated you are to their satisfaction. Through sending them a personal email, a short video clip, or even inviting them to a discovery call, you can interact with potential customers on a very personal level. You can answer their specific questions, learn their desires and struggles, and overall show how much you care for their satisfaction as a business owner. These interactions can encourage them to buy your offerings, even after your cart is closed.


Will follow ups help my next launch?

Follow ups don’t guarantee that everyone on your email list will buy your products and services right now, but that doesn’t mean that they will never consider them. Some clients need time. They may not become a customer this time around, but they will remember your dedication and may buy from you in the future or refer you to their fellow entrepreneurs.


Worried about your email list? We got you!

Following up with interested clients can help you create more customers, increase your income, and give you space to be personal and show how much you care about helping others.  However, you may be worried that your email list just isn’t engaged enough or is too small for a follow up strategy to work. I can help you with that!


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