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How to Grow Your Email List and Visibility on Facebook!

Feb 14, 2024

Ever feel like, despite all your social media marketing efforts, that your email list growth and business visibility just won’t budge?
In a sea of businesses, it can be easy to get drowned out on social media platforms. How do you stand out? 

Today, let’s dive headfirst into how to gain the visibility and business growth you want and deserve by playing the right game on your social media platforms.


How can I maximize my visibility and email growth on Facebook?

Social media marketing is a must for all businesses. However, that means that the social media platforms you use to connect with potential customers are extremely crowded and noisy. There is so much content these platforms could show us. To make it easier, social media platforms determine what your audience sees through the help of algorithms. These algorithms aim to show us content that our social media platforms deem quality and valuable.

We as business owners don’t have control over social media algorithms, but lucky for us, we can use them to our advantage. By creating content and using our social media platforms the way these algorithms want us to, social media platforms will share our content more often and with more audiences. Think of it as playing a game: we need to make the right moves to get rewarded by social media platforms, so if we want more visibility, we need to give Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. what they want!


What does Facebook want to see?

Facebook is our main social media platform. When it comes to Facebook, Facebook loves…:

Video Content

The Facebook algorithm rewards users who create and share video content on their platform. This includes both reels and live videos. The reward you receive for recording videos and going live is not only more visibility to your current followers and their social circles, but visibility to audiences who are not already connected to you. Successful video content will be shared by the algorithm to people who aren’t in your circle yet, giving you the opportunity to reach strangers and turn them into followers and clients.

Engaged Online Presence

Social media platforms are all about engaging with others, so it’s no surprise that Facebook likes it when your audience engages with your content. However, Facebook also rewards people who engage with their audience. While posting content consistently is important to creating an engaged audience, asking your audience to engage with is key. Whether you are asking your audience questions or offering a space to share their own ideas, having an authentic, back-and-forth dialogue with your audience is what boosts Facebook visibility.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to engage with your audience. Facebook rewards you for building active communities inside your Facebook groups, serving your group to new people! Much like how Facebook likes it when you engage with your audience, Facebook also rewards you for engaging in other Facebook groups. Through supporting fellow group members and sharing your own content in other groups, Facebook will reward you with increased visibility. 


Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry!

By increasing our business visibility, we can grow our email lists and create the consistent monthly incomes we want to see! However, you may be thinking that playing the social media game is just too time consuming. While it does take some time initially, having the right strategy and game plan will make it much easier to do! 


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